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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Glad We’re Not A Basketball School

South Carolina - Media Availability
See what happened was....
Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

It’s college football season, but you wouldn’t know it from the news. College basketball has taken over the digital front page from coast to coast.

Louisville’s Rick Pitino somehow had no idea that the blue chip recruits falling into his lap might not have been on the up and up. I cannot believe anyone in the known universe is dumb enough to believe him. Pat Forde most assuredly does not.

South Carolina also made an appearance in the criminal complaints released yesterday. Which is really surprising, since I assumed the Gamecocks’ recent improvement on the basketball court was totally random. Or maybe blue chip basketball recruits enjoy being screamed at by Frank Martin.

While it didn’t make the same headlines, the FBI also raided the offices of ASM Sports, a management company which once employed arrested agent Christian Dawkins. The ASM client roster is deep with NBA talent, including several former Kentucky Wildcats.

Back on the gridiron Coach Smart reports that Jacob Eason is looking "much better", meaning that we may be getting closer to the day when Smart and Chaney have to decide whether to bench a true freshman quarterback who’s led his team to an outstanding record. With every week and every win, that decision has to get tougher.

Eason’s fellow Bulldogs Solomon Kindley and Malkom Parrish appear likely to play against Tennessee, good news since each appears to have given his respective unit a bit of a boost against Mississippi State.

It’s no secret that Tennessee’s football season hasn’t gone exactly as hoped. Rocky Top Talk notes that Butch Jones hasn’t made things any easier on himself recently in the old press room.

This tweet. It’s good.

We’ll be back later with more college football coverage and any basketball craziness that drops. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!