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15 Thoughts Is Ready To Get Down To Business.

NCAA Football: Samford at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

DavetheDawg remains busy doing battle with the elements, so you’re stuck obtaining your Sunday evening deep thoughts from me again. Hey, life like football is about conquering adversity.

  1. Jake Fromm remains a threat to do something really bad with the football from time to time. At this point I just keep hoping that he’s able to put it all together before facing a team capable of making him pay for mistakes. I now fear that we may face that team in six days.
  2. Is there a better third string tailback than D’Andre Swift? A better fifth tailback than Elijah Holyfield?
  3. It’s entirely possible that Georgia could lose Chubb and Michel after 2017 but gain Zamir White and James Cook, thereby remaining five deep with blue chip tailbacks behind an improving offensive line.
  4. Speaking of which, it was nice to see the O-line push some people around, even if those people were physically overmatched.
  5. I enjoyed seeing the toss sweep once, and would love to see it more often. Georgia only pulled one lineman when it was run rather than the two Mike Bobo used to prefer. But still, I’m a big fan of getting the big boys on the perimeter to create mismatches and better angles.
  6. At this point it’s pretty clear that Mecole Hardman is our most explosive receiver, and will be an even bigger weapon as his route running and body control improve.
  7. That being said, Terry Godwin has really put it all together this season. A consistent Terry Godwin has the potential to cover up for other sins.
  8. Every week I think I cannot be more impressed with Roquan Smith. Every week I am proven wrong.
  9. Per usual, Roquan led the team in tackles. Second place? Freshman linebacker Monty Rice. I continue to think Rice may have been the steal of the 2017 class.
  10. I think we’re required to hold forth on Jim Chaney’s play calling each week now. Honestly I thought it was pretty sound. We saw a variety of looks for which Mississippi State will now have to prepare. When the run game worked he stuck with it. That being said, the real test begins next Saturday and the first section of the exam will be proctored by Todd Grantham.
  11. Speaking of which, about that Missy State/LSU game. Scary? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t panic just yet. Putting together two sterling performances in a row is a pro move, and I’m not sure the Fightin’ Mullens are there just yet.
  12. That being said, if anyone has suggestions for stopping Nick Fitzgerald and Aeris Williams please direct those toward Mel Tucker.
  13. Also, I found Mississippi State’s ability to bottle up LSU’s Derrius Guice (only 76 yards on 15 carries) pretty disturbing. We need to be able to keep the defense off the field, and don’t need Jake Fromm deciphering Todd Grantham blitz packages every third down. That means running the ball effectively.
  14. In other Mississippi football thoughts, I have to hand it to Ole Miss. Most teams eviscerated by probation are boring as hell to watch. But the Rebels are at least going to be entertaining if terrible.
  15. Tennessee/Florida. Haha. It’s funny when it happens to other people, right Vol fans?
  16. (Bonus) Kevin Sumlin is going to make a pretty good offensive coordinator for someone next season. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!