Something seems different

I've been a lurker and occasional commentator for many years now.

Here is my take:

This team is different, Not good or bad different from the Richt years, just.....different. I'm a season ticket holder, one of the ones that has stayed until the clock says zero no matter the score or the weather (Alabama - that sucked). I see something, it's hard to put into words, but there is an edge to this team. Maybe it's the seniors coming back, I'm not sure. I'm re-watching the Notre Dame game tonight and i just see a different spark. Something that Athens has been missing. The culture, the drive, the attitude is different,

I have a feeling, this team is special.

Go get em Dawgs, don't let up, dominate, make a name for yourself, win. These are the days that you can write your own winning lottery ticket.


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