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The Friday Tailgate Needs To Ask You A Couple Of Questions

You’ve got about 26 hours to kill between now and kickoff Between the Hedges. You have to spend them somewhere, and it might as well be here at the Friday Tailgate, the virtual tent under which we hang out until toe meets leather. Maestro, press play if you don’t mind:

(This one’s for you, Chris)

I’m a fan of the classics, and one of our classic games around these parts is “Over/Under”. If you need a quick refresher on the rules or if you’re new in these parts, here’s how we play. Got it? Then I ask you, over or under?

Brice Ramsey throws 9.9 passes.

Brice Ramsey throws 1.9 interceptions.

A quarterback named neither Jake Fromm nor Brice Ramsey takes 1.9 snaps (editor’s note: not counting “Wild Dawg” snaps here).

Nick Chubb carries the ball 12.9 times.

Sony Michel carries the ball 12.9 times.

D’Andre Swift carries the ball 12.9 times.

Dominick Sanders notches 0.9 interceptions.

The Bulldog defense snatches 1.9 picks.

Isaac Nauta catches 3.9 passes.

Nauta catches 0.9 touchdowns.

Lorenzo Carter tallies 2.9 tackles for loss.

Davin Bellamy records 1.9 sacks.

The Bulldog offense, led by James Tiberius Chaney, puts up 449.9 yards of total offense.

The Bulldog defense, suckled in the pits of Hades and loosed upon the world like a rain of fire, holds Samford to 249.9 yards of total offense.

Go ahead, dazzle us all with your answers in the comments, and . . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!!