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Cocktail Thursday: Samford Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are about to follow up a hard-fought, emotional, late game with a trap match up before beginning the SEC schedule, you could probably use a drink. I can help you with that.

I am not going to pretend that the Samford Bulldogs are the Alabama Crimson Tide. That would be insulting your intelligence, and I try only to do that to family. But the fact is it will be interesting to see how the Georgia Bulldogs respond to the relative prosperity that comes with winning a big intersectional match up.

On the one hand, I think we all recognize that Notre Dame is not the creme de la creme of college football as it once was. Also, I anticipate that Kirby Smart and his staff reminded their charges of exactly how many errors they committed in South Bend while still being fortunate enough to escape with the victory. Saturday’s win was anything but a rousing success from a technical football standpoint. There were bad things. There were dumb things. There was enough grit and athleticism to overcome the errors.

Again, I don't necessarily want to look past Samford. But I cannot help but notice that matchup with the Bulldogs from the state of Mississippi that looms a little over a week away. As I have said since the preseason, that is a game that really worries me. but I think we will also learn a lot about the mental make up of this team by how they handle business this Saturday against an FCS opponent. take care of business with ruthless efficiency against Chris Hatcher squad, and you may convince me that we've really got something here.

So what is the drink for a game in which one hopes the Bulldogs win the first part of the double Bulldog September swing? Easy. A double dawg.

It’s a variation on the Bulldog, a very common old-school cocktail. I think I have ordered maybe two of them ever, usually when I wasn't sure the bartender could help but screw up something more complicated. Traditionally a bulldog is made by mixing 1 ounce each of gin, cherry liqueur, and lime juice over ice, straining into a martini glass, then garnishing with a lemon or lime wedge. A double Dawg is made by simply adding an extra half ounce of gin (1 and 12 ounces), also known as a "jigger" to those who know too much cocktail verbiage.

So drink up, and go ‘Dawgs!!!