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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites

Because you needed another reason to dislike Brian Schottenheimer...

NCAA Football: Georgia at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been kind of a slow news week (as weeks before a tasty cupcake often are). That said, there is some information of note on this glorious Thursday morning. I hope you find that this helps you pass the time as we await another weekend of Georgia Bulldogs football. These are your Thursday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • If you missed it yesterday morning, DGD Mark Schlabach has an outstanding profile of UGA Freshman QB Jake Fromm. And if you needed another reason to dislike Brian Schottenheimer, he’s gonna go ahead and give you that too.
  • The Senator makes a good point about this weekend’s SEC games. While many of them may not blow your skirt up, they’ll certainly go a long way toward clarifying the picture of what the conference will look like in 2017.
  • The Red & Black does a good job of making something out of nothing with Wednesday’s practice report. I generally deride the media and their need for constant access, but it has to be difficult to write about this stuff given so little material. Maybe UGA should give The Red & Black priority access to practice. That would be great for current UGA students and would further irritate those whose irritation provides me with consistent personal pleasure (and, yes, those Red & Black writers go on to other outlets after graduation... maybe find a few that are worth their salt and continue the relationship).
  • Speaking of, this is a nice piece on OL Andrew Thomas. On one hand, I’m thrilled that Thomas is providing consistency on the offensive line. On the other, I’m concerned that a Freshman has to.
  • Finally, Chapel Bell Curve, a UGA football podcast for people that love UGA, love stats, and have a liberal arts degree (that suits me just fine), bring you an excellent review of the Notre Dame game perfect for all of the above. I want to give these guys a shout out because not only did I thoroughly enjoy the podcast and add it to my regular rotation, but also because it can be hard to break into a crowded blogosphere/podcast landscape and they’re doing a great job. There aren’t a ton of perks to writing about UGA football ad nauseum, but one is that I have a platform to recognize good work when I see it (or hear it, as the case may be). Check them out and give them a follow on Twitter.

That’s all for this morning, folks. Until next time...