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Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule

A visually pleasing representation of this weekend’s nationally-televised college football action.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As we enter the third weekend of the college football season, many things begin to come into focus. Georgia might be considered better than (at least I had) anticipated... although we won’t learn anything further this week. Oklahoma proved their mettle and Ohio State wilted (not that the national media will acknowledge it). Clemson is legit and Auburn isn’t, but you knew that already. We still don’t know what to think of Florida, FSU, and Miami after Hurricane Irma cancelled their most recent games. But clarity is coming... and quickly.

So to aid your understanding of who this season’s college football contenders may well be, we present you with...


And now for your prime viewing options in each time slot.


New Mexico Lobos @ Boise State Broncos, 8:00, ESPN

Coming off a tough loss to the Washington State Cougars, the Broncos look to bounce back against New Mexico. And I hope you’re up for it because it is absolutely your only Thursday night option.


Illinois Fighting Illini @ #22 South Florida Bulls, 7:00, ESPN

I’m very interested to find out if Charlie Strong’s South Florida Bulls are for real. This game against Illinois won’t do that, but it’s the best option on a sparse Friday night.


#9 Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Panthers, 12:00, ESPN

Wow! The noon slate just continues to disappoint. Just terrible all the way around. So you’ll have to settle for Okie State (I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop) against Pitt (who didn’t fare so well against their in-state ranked rival).


#23 Tennessee Volunteers @ #24 Florida Gators, 3:30, CBS

This is a no-brainer for the afternoon slot. While I could take the Alien vs. Predator approach and say “Whoever wins, we lose”, I’ll take the high ground and say “Whoever loses, we win”. Still, what we learn from watching this game may go a long way toward telling us what the Bulldogs have to be able to do to win the SEC East.


Samford Bulldogs @ #13 Georgia Bulldogs, 7:30, SEC Network Alternate

#12 LSU Tigers @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 7:00, ESPN

While most (if not all) of you will be tuning in to the Georgia game, those without the SEC Network (Alternate) or something better to do should check out LSU/Mississippi State. Not only will this game give you a preview of Georgia’s Week 4 opponent against legit competition, but it’s also a serious SEC West clash. If you’re like me, you’ll be giving your remote control a major “Previous Channel” workout.


#3 Clemson Tigers @ #14 Louisville Cardinals, 8:00, ABC

Oh, look... another no-brainer. I’m not a huge fan of either of these teams, but I’m more “not a fan” of Bobby Petrino (which, in my case, has absolutely nothing to do with the Falcons... he’s just a scumbag and I like to see bad things happen to bad people).


Ole Miss Rebels @ California Golden Bears, 10:30, ESPN

Golden Bears AND Re-bears? It’s UnBEARable!

That’s it for now, folks. Until next time...