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15 Thoughts Is Riding The Storm Out.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
  1. As longtime readers know, this postgame feature would normally be handled by able and dashing raconteur DavetheDawg. Unfortunately DtD is busy fighting off a hurricane right now, and is therefore away from the keyboard. As of a couple of hours ago at least he was in good spirits, well-stocked with butter, and cracking Jim Cantore jokes. If you’ve still got the Interwebz, hang in there buddy!

2. I never want to hear anyone accuse UGA fans of being disinterested or indifferent ever again. Between "93K Day" and essentially running Notre Dame out of Notre Dame Stadium, UGA fans have bought into what Kirby Smart is selling. The takeover of South Bend has gotten great media coverage and won’t go unnoticed by recruits.

3. I don’t mind the Wild Dawg in theory. In practice, Jim Chaney gets less out of it than I thought was possible. The truth is that the formation just isn’t as novel as it was eight years ago and once you deploy it a couple of times everybody gameplans for it. Without a guy capable of making the decision to throw it and able to execute passes, it’s just a glorified quarterback draw.

4. That being said, if the Bulldogs (or any other team) came out in the wishbone, it would blow minds from coast to coast. Do it, Jim. Live your best life.

5. Jake Fromm is going to be very good. Sure, at this point he’s still doing those things freshmen do. But you can see why the UGA staff rated him higher than some other really good quarterbacks in the 2017 class. The young Houston Countian has all the physical and mental tools to be great.

6. Another thing Fromm has right now is a security blanket in Javon Wims. Wims was a mismatch for everyone Appalachian State put in front of him, and Notre Dame fared only slightly better. Wims reminds me a little of former UGA receiver Michael Johnson, a big guy with the speed to get downfield and the ability to go up and get it. Those guys usually end up taking over at least one game a season when they get matched up with a player who just can’t cover them. I can’t wait to see who that guy is for Wims.

7. Equanimious St. Brown is also a matchup nightmare, and will be one on Sundays, too.

8. Brown would have had a bigger game if Brandon Wimbush had been given time to find him last night. But that rarely happened. Credit Lorenzo Carter, Davin Bellamy, and the UGA front three for that one. While Carter and Bellamy were the ones getting to Wimbush, the pocket was often collapsing from the middle out. I dig that. If you want to disrupt an inexperienced QB, pressure in his face is a good way to go.

9. I’m going to miss Dominick Sanders next season. But I sense that J. R. Reed is going to do exciting things in his stead. Reed’s nine tackles last night were a good sign for the future.

10. Brian Kelly continues to be a petulent manbaby. Why does Notre Dame keep hiring those? He’s like the tapas version of Charlie Weis.

11. We’ll learn a lot about the mental maturity of this team when Samford comes calling on Saturday. I don’t anticipate a loss, but I’d love to see the Bulldogs from Athens dispatch the Bulldogs from Homewood with a crisp effort that puts the reserves on the field midway through the third quarter. Am I asking too much? Probably so. But a guy can dream.

12. If Roquan Smith isn’t voted All-SEC at the end of the season the voters should each individually be kicked right in the shins.

13. I wouldn’t expect 12 penalties for 126 yards in every game going forward. I think several flags, especially those early ones, were the result of players coming out a little too juiced for a big game. Fortunately, the mental errors didn’t cost the ‘Dawgs this game. Next time we might not be so lucky.

14. I like the fullback dive with Christian Payne in short yardage, even if it came up a little short late in the game. It’s just a classic power running play that gets the ball advancing quickly when you know the defense is keying hard on the run and expecting Sony or Nick to get it. Plus, when you’ve got a quick-footed center like Lamont Gaillard who can turn the nose, you can actually bust it for some nice yardage.

15. I sure hope Uncle Rico doesn’t go all soft now that he’s a scholarship athlete. I somewhat doubt it. Rodrigo Blankenship seems like a kid who really wants to be his best, and has a good mental game (as evidenced by the clutch game winner he stroked after missing from 43).

We’ll be back with more ‘Dawg coverage later. For those of you in the path of storms, stay safe, and...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!