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The Friday Tailgate: Appalachian State Edition

Widespread Panic In Concert Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images

This is the Friday tailgate, the place where we do whatever it is that we're supposed to do in those last precious hours before UGA football officially begins. Maestro, let’s jam.

I don't know if you have ever been to Boone, North Carolina. I have. I even remember it. I was fortunate not to attend college at Appalachian State for the simple reason that I might not have graduated from college had I done so. The Boone of my college years was a place chock full of craft beer bars, jam bands, and ski bums. It was sort of the most bohemian parts of Athens all jammed into 3 square miles. And a great road trip.

Which brings us to this evening's topic of discussion. What is your favorite college town road trip? Ground rules: 1) you have to gave actually gone there, and 2) Athens is excluded. We don’t rank professionals among the amateurs.

My top five:

5. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard, for all its baggage in the minds of some, is a place you kind of find yourself in awe of when you’re there. At least I did. Also, a wicked good restaurant scene.

4. Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is sort of an open air mall version of a lot of southern college towns. Some great live music venues, and beautiful campus architecture.

3. Tuscaloosa. Beautiful campus, friendly folks, great food. I’ve love to go back a third time, which would be more campus visits than the average Alabama fan.

2. Chapel Hill. In mid-October it’s simply gorgeous. If I had been there before I applied to college, it would have been in my top three choices.

  1. Austin. I’m told it’s not as weird as it was when I was there in the late 90’s. But my impression was that Austin is essentially Athens on steroids. With better tacos.

Feel free to drop your own travel reminiscences in the comment, or talk about whatever else you want. This will also be the open thread for tonight’s college football action.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!