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Georgia Fan Appreciation Day Times, Tickets & Info

He’s a good dog, Brent.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In another sure sign that college football is upon us, your Georgia Bulldogs will host their annual fan appreciation day tomorrow in Sanford Stadium.

The festivities begin at 2:30. The team will have an open practice beginning at 3:30 which will run for approximately two hours. Afterward players and coaches will be available for autographs.

A few important rules to remember: fans will be limited to two posters apiece for signing purposes, and will only be able to get the official 2017 team poster (available at the gate) signed. NO other items will be eligible for signing. One assumes that this kill-joy maneuver is designed both a) to keep your stack of signed Nick Chubb glossies from ending up for sale on eBay, and b) to prevent you from beating your linemates bloody with the 17 mini-helmets you’d otherwise be lugging into the stadium. Is it a drag? Yes. Is it a drag with a sound rationale behind it? Probably.

The biggest draw is usually the chance to meet and have your photo taken with Uga X. Remember, Uga will be available to be petted and to lick your children beginning at 3:00 p.m. In order to meet the main dog you will need a special ticket. The special ticket will be distributed to the first 150 fans in line for them at the East Campus Road ticket window, beginning at noon. If past experience is any guide, if you arrive at noon, you will not be seeing everyone’s favorite slobbering ‘Dawg (besides me, obviously).

Get. There. Early. How early you line up I leave to your own conscience and bladder tolerances. Or, you could work as a team, have one person stand in line, and let the rest of your party enjoy a leisurely late breakfast at the Mayflower. Your call.

Concessions will be available in the 100 and 200 level seats, and parking is available in most of the usual decks: East Campus Road, Hull Street, Tate Center, and North Campus. You may certainly also take your chance to park elsewhere around Athens. Good luck with that. May the odds and meters be ever in your favor.

You can find additional details, maps, and FAQs at So have fun, be safe, and . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!