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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites: Criminy, that’s over $135 million per playoff win.

NCAA Football - Georgia Tech vs Georgia - November 25, 2006
"Joe, I’m talking a stack of money thiissss high!!!"
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

As we noted yesterday Kirby Smart isn’t releasing a depth chart ahead of the season opener against Appalachian State. As Jason Butt points out however, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to guess who’s getting the nod where.

Jacob Eason is obviously the starter at QB, but it sounds like Jake Fromm will definitely not be redshirting. That’s a minor surprise, as some had assumed that senior Brice Ramsey would be Eason’s backup and that coaches would try to redshirt Fromm to build some separation between the two. But Fromm is the second best quarterback on campus. Also bear in mind that Fromm playing this season potentially creates a year of separation between he and any signal caller Georgia signs in 2018.

Speaking of which, the Red and Black may be looking to not only bring the nation’s top quaterback recruit to Athens, they may be after his top target as well.

And further on the subject of UGA quarterbacks, former ‘Dawg Matt Stafford appears poised to sign the most lucrative contract in NFL history: five years with a total payout of $135 million. Not bad for a guy from the rough and tumble streets of Highland Park.

As we’ve discussed here before, Stafford is on pace to put up Hall of Fame numbers if (and it’s a fairly big if) he can stay healthy. But at some point you have to believe he needs to win some big playoff games to really create any lasting legacy. Maybe this is the year.

Speaking of things that are smooth and rich, I once wrote a piece espousing everything I love about bourbon, but Editor Emeritus T. Kyle King shelved it for being "way too long." Fortunately the gang at Red Cup Rebellion possess the brevity I lacked.

That should get you started on your Tuesday. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!