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Kirby Smart Monday presser: Depth chart? We don’t need no stinkin’ depth chart!

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Smart held his first game week press conference of the season today, and what he lacked in enthusiasm he made up for in concrete details and splashy soundbites. Just kidding, Kirby ain't telling you squat. You can see full video below, but the high points included:

Smart notes that Appalachian State is very good at varying the tempo of their offense, sometimes going hurry up, other times really grinding it out. No matter what the tempo, the head ‘Dawg agrees with our assessment that the Mountaineers will try to run the dang ball.

Smart is still noncommittal on Malkom Parrish’s status for Saturday. Personally, I would be a little bit surprised to see him.

There will be internal discipline for Riley Ridley and Elijah Holyfield. Does that mean they’ll miss game time this week? That decision is being made...internally.

There is still no final word on the battle at placekicker between Roderigo Blankenship and David Marvin. But Smart says coaches are getting closer to having that worked out. Which, five days before kickoff, is pretty comforting.

Georgia also has not released an official, updated depth chart. So if you were counting on that to stem the existential dread which fills your every waking hour, you're going to have to find another coping mechanism. That being said, you can probably pretty much guess who will be where. Jacob Eason will start at quarterback. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel will take the snaps at tailback. Any number of large young men will get a shot to play in front of them.

Call me crazy, but I bet you'll get a chance to see Dominic Sanders, Roquan Smith, and Lorenzo Carter on defense. Also Richard Tardits will come out of retirement to play defensive end. See? We don’t need anyone to tell us these things. Until later...

Go Kirby!!!