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Saturday Open Thread: Something football this way comes.

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Colorado State
Kick off the dang season, Bobo!
The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

Y’all, there is actual college football which is about to be played. Is it Georgia football? Well, no. Is it SEC football? Um, not technically. Do we care? Not particularly, no.

Redcrake already provided you the full schedule, which you may refer to as needed. probably of greatest interest to UGA fans will be the Fightin’ Mike Bobos of Colorado State hosting Oregon State to christen a new stadium in Fort Collins. That one starts at 2:30 eastern on the CBS Sports Network. There is all manner of more obscure football taking place before and after.

And probably the biggest national game will take place much after, when Stanford and Rice play at 10:00 PM eastern live from Australia (ESPN). Look, the PAC-12 and the MWC are going to do zany things in the middle of the night for the next three months. This is your chance to begin acclimation.

So while it's not a full-on college football Saturday, it's the closest thing to a college football Saturday which we've had in a long time. So go ahead, dip a toe in the water, limber up the old remote hand, and take stock of the space on your DVR. And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!