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Your Pre-Week 1 College Football TV Schedule

The first taste is free...

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been jonesing for that sweet, sweet college football fix for quite some time. The good news is that we don’t have to wait much longer. The bad news is we all have a serious problem and should probably seek professional help. But that is an intervention for another day...

While this isn’t the big weekend of college football we’re all looking forward to, there are games on so it counts, dammit! And as someone who has been known to occasionally delve into the deep and depressing world of Division III internet streams when the need just gets too great, I’m more excited for Stanford vs. Rice than I could have possibly anticipated.

Now, since this isn’t the “real” start of college football as I see it (not that I’m not thankful for it, mind you), the traditional TV schedule with that big, beautiful, color-coded spreadsheet won’t be making an appearance this week. I also won’t be picking the best game in each time slot as I will in the future. The reasons for this are threefold:

  1. While I’m reaching all-time high hype levels this week, it would still be a stretch to call these games the “best” anything.
  2. Most of the time slots don’t even have multiple games.
  3. I have to keep a few tricks up my sleeve for the real thing!

If you were holding the entire Georgia front 7 hostage until I gave you a suggestion, I guess I would say don’t miss the premiere of BOBOBALL! ™ at the opening of Colorado State’s new stadium as they take on Oregon State.

Beyond that, things may get dicey.

That said, this is still the best possible use of your time on what promises to be a blazingly hot August weekend. Enjoy!



  • Richmond Spiders @ Sam Houston State Bearkats, ESPNU 7 pm

Until next time, when we break out the real schedule for the real start, have a great weekend and...