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Aaron Murray getting another shot at the NFL?

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It appears that Aaron Murray's nascent broadcasting career may have to wait a little longer.

ESPN is reporting that the Baltimore Ravens are interested in bringing the veteran quarterback into camp as a possible backup.

The Ravens have been looking for some insurance behind the elite but injured Joe Flacco. Murray has many virtues, two of which are that he has experience as an NFL back up and a reputation as a generally reliable locker room guy. Another significant strong point in his favor, perhaps the strongest point, is that Murray would likely come cheap compared to other quarterbacks looking for a chance to prove their starting mettle.

You don't sign Aaron Murray to groom him to become your starter. You sign him to give you practice reps and hold a clipboard on Sunday. If bad things happen and he needs to play, he’s likely to be serviceable, thoigh not remarkable. And the NFL loves them some serviceable veteran backup.

The Ravens have also worked out former 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick. I understand that he has personal opinions. I am not going to discuss them, or how they might play into the decision of any time to dign or not sign Kaepernick. I will say that I find it difficult to believe that he could be signed for less than Murray.

If, like the Ravens, you have other needs at positions beside quarterback, going with the guy who costs less to bring in can be a solid strategy. All other things being equal I hope Aaron gets another shot at the League. You know, before he comes back to be Georgia’s offensive coordinator in 2023.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!