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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

443 hours 15 minutes and counting...

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We are incredibly close, my friends. The anticipation is building and the tension is palpable. Soon the Dawgs will burst into Sanford Stadium and all the good people of Georgia will release a mighty “GO DAWGS!” unto the heavens. Then, and only then, will college football season truly begin and, with it, the realization of all of our pigskin hopes and fears.

But “soon” is not today...

And so I am tasked with helping you stave off the symptoms of football absent madness with some tasty morsels from around the internet. These are your Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • In case you missed it, Lee Corso argued that the Georgia-Florida game should leave Jacksonville when the current contract expires and return to a home and home series. I have a problem with this on a number of levels. Lee Corso is essentially a geriatric, football-centric Michael Pachter. I firmly believe that whatever he says, one should simply select the opposing viewpoint if one wants to be correct more often than not. Furthermore, I’d be pleased as punch to never see a Gator set foot Between the Hedges and to be spared the vision of part of Sanford Stadium’s stands filled with cutoff jorts and Great Clips mullets. I also have absolutely no intention whatsoever of ever entering “The Swamp”. You may think you want this, but trust me when I tell you that you don’t.
  • Now on to more pressing news. Reports from Monday’s practice revealed that Freshman Andrew Thomas was lining up with the First Team OL at RT and Isaiah Wynn returned to practice at LT after sitting out a week due to injury. I do love a good O-Line update.
  • In things that make me want to throw my David Greene and Aaron Murray signed football through my monitor, Greg McGarity commented on this season’s lackluster home schedule. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’m thrilled with the slate, but his logic is simultaneously maddening and completely predictable.

McGarity said the annual game with Georgia Tech keeps Georgia from playing other attractive power conference opponents each and every season.

Hmm... that seems a little odd. I would think you could find a way to drop a Samford, say, and replace it with a top opponent by doing regular home and aways...

Having seven home games means generating more revenue

Oh, there it is...

And I’m not necessarily saying I’d prefer 6 home games to 7, because more football is almost always better... but is playing Samford really football? Or is it just an excuse to go to Athens and tailgate. Cause I don’t need an excuse. Just open up the parking lots on the weekends year-round and we’re good.

  • Finally, in news from the world of women’s soccer (which many of you may have missed), the Dawgs defeated Georgia Southern 3-0 in the final exhibition game before the beginning of the season on Sunday. As a proud alumnus of both The University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University, I would like to take this opportunity to both mock UGA despite the fact that it (via Erk Russell) is the only reason that the real GSU even has a football program and to harass myself for only going to Georgia Southern because I couldn’t get into Georgia (which, as you may have ascertained, is factually inaccurate). I officially hate myself for no good reason. I guess that’s to be expected when you’re torn between the two greatest football powers in the entire state.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and try to hold on just a little bit longer.

Until next time...