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Happy Independence Day from Dawg Sports!

North Carolina v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy 4th of July. On this day, take the time to remember and appreciate the many and varied freedoms which we enjoy as Americans.

Like the freedom to yell “Roll Tide!!!” in a crowded builing. Or the freedom to run the flexbone offense and tell high school wide receivers it’s for their own good. The right to punt on 4th and 1 from your opponent’s 39 yard line (looking at you, 78% of the Big Ten).

The freedom to make money from signing your own name, provided your name is not “Todd Gurley.” The freedom to lie naked on a shark on the deck of a fishing boat and then swear up and down it was some other guy when the photos emerge. The freedom to go to Auburn when you don’t get into Georgia. Or Mercer. Or Florida Atlantic. Or Southeast Georgia Tech. Or Montessori of Flovilla.

Point being, you’ve got a lot of inalienable rights to celebrate. So get on it. And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!