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Homecoming 2017: Georgia at Vanderbilt… Wait, What?!

Yes, you read that correctly. Vanderbilt has scheduled their homecoming for the UGA game this season.

Typically, a team will schedule homecoming against an inferior opponent, one they think they can comfortably get the win against. Everyone wants to have a fun week capped off with a great win by the football team, right?

If we look at Georgia’s homecoming records, we’ll notice that Vanderbilt is the most frequently scheduled homecoming opponent at 24 games (with the next three being Kentucky at 17, Georgia Tech at 7, and surprisingly Alabama at 6). In fact, every Georgia home game against Vandy since 1990 has been homecoming, save for 2012 when the Dawgs beat up Ole Miss 37-10.

Of course, Georgia’s homecoming last season was ruined by Zach Cunningham and the Commodores after they defeated the Dawgs 17-16. But Zach Cunningham is now a Houston Texan, and Jim Chaney would now (hopefully) call a run up the middle with Nick Chubb or Sony Michel on 4th and 1 rather than a jet sweep with Isaiah McKenzie. But I digress.

This is not an unprecedented move by Vanderbilt. They also scheduled UGA for their 2009 homecoming game, which didn’t pay dividends as the Dawgs won in Nashville 34-10.

However, the Commodores may have an ace in the hole for 2017. Vanderbilt has recruited Migos to play their homecoming concert this year.

First of all, let’s assume Vanderbilt did indeed book Migos and it’s not a repeat of what Emory did. Secondly, even though they aren’t UGA fans the way Ludacris or Pastor Troy are, Migos and Atlanta are synonymous, and I don’t have to explain the Atlanta-UGA connection.

Is Vandy trying to troll UGA even more by getting Migos to play? Maybe. But I, for one, am all in favor of it. I’m looking forward to seeing Migos perform before UGA exacts revenge on Vanderbilt and we all celebrate on Broadway that night.

Until I see y’all in Nashville…