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70 days until kickoff: Scoot over for another big guy.

Verron Haynes #35, Kevin Breedlove #70

Georgia will open the 2017 college football season on September 2, 2017 in Sanford Stadium against Appalachian State. That's only 70 short days away.

Let's get cranking by honoring Bulldog legend Kevin Breedlove. Don't consider Breedlove a legend? Well, he did come to Athens as a Parade All-American out of Clemson, South Carolina. Breedlove also started nine games as a true freshman in 1999. And he became a leader of the Bulldog offensive line that paved the way for Mark Richt’s first SEC title.

But the big guy is also responsible for another major contribution to UGA football: he's universally hailed as the first Red and Black football player to ride a scooter around campus. Breedlove is reputed to have toodled around campus on a beat up used moped with occasionally flat tires, clad in an army surplus metal helmet because he couldn't find a motorcycle helmet for his melonous lineman head. A true innovator, and an American icon.

And while the scooter craze in Athens has given rise to both arrests and injuries, it’s also given us large men incongruously riding around in tiny motorized vehicles. If you appreciate the comic gift of 320 pound men on tiny Hondas, you can thank Kevin Breedlove. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!