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71 days until kickoff: One big dawg.

Georgia Tech v Georgia Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Georgia will open the 2017 college football season on September 2, 2017 in Sanford Stadium against Appalachian State. That's only 71 days away.

In honor of this occasion we’re naming this “Cordy Glenn Day” at Dawg Sports. Glenn was a captain, and a multi-year starter in Athens. He was also one of the more deceptively athletic big men you'll ever see.

For my part I will remember Glenn for two things principally. One, he remains the largest person I've ever interviewed. I've talked to some big dudes, but none in the shape of Cordy Glenn. Square is a shape, right?

Number two, Glenn was the most boring interviewee I ever met. Wouldn't give an entertaining sound bite for all the loaded potato skins in all the TGI Fridays in all the world. Wouldn't tell me who the toughest SEC defender to block was. Or what his least favorite pass rush move was. A coach’s dream, and a sports writer’s worst nightmare. That being said, I'd take him back in the Red and Black any day. Until later...

Go Dawgs!!!