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Bulldog commit Nate McBride shows out at state track meet

If you follow football recruiting you already knew that Georgia linebacker signee Nate McBride is pretty fast. But at this past weekend’s GHSA state track meet the 6’1, 230 pound standout put on an absolute clinic.

McBride was a part of the Vidalia Indians’ winning 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams, and won the 200 meters and 100 meter final himself, the latter with a solid 10.77. It was enough for the boys from Toombs County to take home the AA team title, with McBride having a hand in over half the team’s point total. I cannot confirm whether he also mixed the Powerade before the meet or drove the bus home.

Longtime Dawg Sports reader Arisdogle attended the meet and was kind enough to share some photos of McBride From the weekend:

I continue to worry a little that McBride’s straight line speed may not translate well to coverage. But there's no doubt he's got the ability to get sideline to sideline from the middle of the field in a hurry. I don't know that I'd expect him to get a lot bigger, but he's already SEC-sized anyhow.

I'd expect him to be among a group of young linebackers who get an early look in 2017 in anticipation of vying for a starting spot in 2018. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!