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2 + 2 = Bad news?

Georgia head coach Manuel Diaz during the Bulldogs' match with Wake Forest at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex in Athens, Ga., on Friday, March 17, 2017. (Photo by John Paul Van Wert)
John Paul Van Wert and UGA Sports Information

As you may have read yesterday, the men’s and women’s tennis programs are pretty busy right now competing for NCAA titles with their round of 16 matchups coming up Thursday and Friday afternoons in Athens. But that’s not the only news buzzing around the program, as assistant coaches for the men’s and women’s program are currently on indefinite suspension.

The suspension’s had curious timing, with the NCAA Championships underway, and the fact that Bo Hodge for the men, and Drake Bernstein for the women were suspended also added to the confusion.

Today, multiple media outlets are doing the math on men’s head coach Manuel Diaz reporting the theft of prescription medication earlier this month, and tying it to the suspension. Obviously there is enough smoke here that many are assuming fire. Though it must be said that neither Hodge or Bernstein are named as suspects in the possible felony in spite of the speculation.

We will update this story further as developments require.