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Think you're the top ‘Dawg? Join our March Madness bracket contest to prove it.

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NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly as a Georgia basketball fan you may have blocked this out, but the NCAA basketball tournament is right around the corner. The buzzer beaters. The Cinderella stories. The shining moments, frozen in time.

And.....the triumphant return of the Dawg Sports bracket challenge. As in prior years, the rules are simple. Go to Yahoo Sports and join the Dawg Sports Bracket Challenge group. Make your picks before March Madness tips off next week. Then sit back and watch your teams crush their enemies, drive them from their lands, and listen for the sweet strains of defeated lamentation.

Or, watch your picks self-immolate in round one. Either way it'll be fun. As usual, the winner gets a heaping helping of internet bragging rights. This year we’ll throw in a salutatory post on the Dawg Sports twitter and Facebook feeds telling the whole Internet how smart the winner is. That's gold, Jerry. Gold!

So sign up today, and we’ll see you on the court.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!