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Jake Fromm, Ohio State signee Martell featured in upcoming documentary

Student Sports

Georgia quarterback signee Jake Fromm is among the players spotlighted In a new documentary from “Friday Night Lights” director Peter Berg. The 10 part series, “QB1: Beyond the Lights” is scheduled to air on Verizon’s free streaming service, go90, beginning February 15th.

Fromm, Texas A&M’s Tate Martell, and Wake Forest signee Trayvon Bowers were followed by cameras throughout their senior seasons to show the pressure that comes with carrying the hopes of a high school community and college fanbase. You can get a look at the stirring trailer for the series below.

*Again, go90 is a free streaming service provided by Verizon. My understanding is that Verizon wireless customers can watch its content without that counting against their data plans. It may also be on its last legs, or the beginning of the end for net neutrality. I’m making no judgments about either. I just enjoy football.