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Dawg Sports wants to know: Is this UGA basketball season officially disappointing?

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Georgia Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

It began with such promise. Yante Maten returned as a scoring presence on the inside, J.J. Frazier as a veteran leader in the backcourt. Juwan Parker was returning from an injury that cost him the better part of two seasons, and Derek Ogbeide returned from a promising freshman campaign. Highly regarded guard prospect Tyree Crump joined the team as a presumed immediate impact player. Coming off three straight twenty win seasons, it looked like this could be the year for Mark Fox and crew to take it to the next level. Maybe not only make it to the Big Dance, but make something happen in the Big Dance.

If by next level one meant “the next level of frustration” 2016-17 has been a resounding success. At 15-11 overall and 6-7 in the SEC, the Dawgs’ streak of 20 win campaigns is in peril. And during a disastrous late January/early February they managed to play themselves firmly off the NCAA Tournament bubble with a series of hard-headed/hard luck losses in conference play.

Georgia could still make the NIT once again, and is a dangerous enough team to advance past the first round once again. Crump recently earned his first start of the season against Tennessee, and his fellow freshman Jordan Harris actually moved into the starting lineup for much of the season. There’s some reason for optimism in the future for Georgia basketball.

My question to you is, with five regular season games left, is it too early to crown Georgia’s once-promising 2016-17 a disappointment? If not, what does Georgia have to do down the stretch to avoid that label?