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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Wears Rose Colored Glasses

70's Disco International Hits Sydney
Let’s just say we don’t have a great gallery of rose-colored glasses from which to choose.
Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans! It’s kinda like Monday in that you’re still making merry from Saturday’s SEC Championship victory (over Auburn, no less) and Georgia’s inclusion in the College Football Playoff, but it isn’t anywhere near enough to more actual Georgia football on the field. No matter, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the air is sweeter, and we’re wearing Rose Colored Glasses.

Some might see another meaning from the rose-colored glasses other than UGA’s 2nd trip to Pasadena, and possibly accuse Georgia fans of unwarranted optimism concerning our tilt against the Sooners of Norman. I’ve thought of that contingency, and continuing our exploration of cheesy 1980’s nonsensical lyrical analogies, I have planned a response accordingly:

Now on to the news and notes of the day:

This Bulldog fan wanted to make sure his Auburn neighbor knew the outcome of the SEC Championship game. Full marks for effort and creativity, slight deduction for wardrobe.

The SEC Championship game seems to have given a virtual push to Georgia’s football recruiting efforts as well. Jeff Sentell ran down 2018 Offensive Guard target Jamaree Salyer, as well as feedback/tweets from other recruits.

Did we already link to the Terry Godwin story from The Red & Black? I feel like we did. If so, I apologize. If not, it’s some great history of our current favorite #5.

We haven’t faced Oklahoma as a football team. But our head coach has, and the Athens Banner-Herald took a look back.

There is unfortunate news coming from the Sooner camp. At time of writing, there are few details, and I won’t begin to project possible reasons, outcomes, or effects.

MaconDawg has already informed us of the SEC awards given to our Beloved Bulldogs, and many of you have seen the video of Roquan Smith receiving the Butkus Trophy at the Senior Gala (credit to Get The Picture, and hat tip to our own The 984 for finding it for us). But there were more awards, of the internal type, presented to other members of the football team at the gala. Read the list - it’s well worth it and provides some more color and background to these SEC Champions.

The Hoop Hounds are playing well, and coming off a successful West Coast tourney and a victory layover in the Second City. They return to action tonight at the Steg, and the administration is offering a pretty sweet deal on tickets. Our own K-Dub (Kris Willis) will be along with comprehensve previews and analysis aplenty later on today.

As of press time, there were no other major announcements. Outside of some national hardware for our boys, I hope it stays that way. And as always...