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Happy Birthday, Nick Chubb!

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

December 27th is a momentous day in world history. It’s the day the HMS Beagle set sail from England with Charles Darwin aboard in 1831. It’s the day the International Monetary Fund was established in 1945. And the day Knott’s Landing premiered in 1979.

But most importantly, this is the day twenty-one years ago when Nicholas Jamaal Chubb was born. I wasn’t there, but legend holds that the sun hung momentarily frozen in the sky as if juked out of its cleats, and that the north wind suddenly reversed direction as if on the receiving end of a mighty stiff arm.

Happy birthday, Nick. We’ve enjoyed watching you these last few years and as fans will always appreciate your loyalty to teammates and school, your herculian work ethic, and your quads the size of a reasonably priced SUV. Get after that birthday! And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!