What we really want to watch this weekend - 8 team playoff

So almost a week has elapsed since we saw the University of Georgia grace the gridiron. If you are like I am, you are jonesing for some quality football and the NFL and the Nabisco Wheat Thins Tulip Bud Bowl that is scheduled for this Saturday is not going to give you the fix you need. Those that have had the patience to read some of my past postings the current playoff is inadequate. I thought the plus one scheme was a joke, the current 4 team is just a tease…I want 16 teams. But in the current climate a lot of people are thinking the next step is eight teams. So without further ado I give you my 2017-2018 NCAA 8 team playoff schedule and why it would be the best thing since sliced bread and the best thing until we get to a real 16 team playoff.

A little background on my playoff system. First, I am not going to touch the current bowl structure. Those teams that bit and clawed to an impressive .500 season still get to go to the Tulip Bud Bowl. Second, UCF you had a great year but you do not qualify for the playoff race. You beat one team from the Power Five Conferences, Maryland. Not the SoS you need to get into the top 8 teams in the nation. Third, and not so much I think it is correct, but the world is clamoring for it, you win your Power Five Conference Championship you are in. Fourth, the best four teams get to reward their home town and fans. The first round games are to be played at the home stadiums of teams 1-4.

This week would bring you the following games:

Kicking off at 12:00 pm Saturday December 16th on CBS is #5 Ohio State Buckeyes travelling to Tuscaloosa to play #4 Alabama. This matchup would give Gary Danielson plenty of talent to wax and wane about.

Starting at 3:00 pm on Fox you would be entertained by the #6 Trojans of West Coast Troy getting a taste of football southern style between the hedges in Athens, Ga where the hosting #3 Bulldogs are just chomping at the opportunity to get away from Gary and send the Trojans back to Spart—er Los Angeles.

5:30 pm on ABC would give channel surfers the pleasure of seeing the #7 Wisconsin Badgers get the opportunity to plant Baker Mayfield and the #2 Sooners at mid-field in Oklahoma.

And to end your night the WWL would close out the night with a battle where the visitor would almost feel at home. The #8 Tigers of Auburn travel to "Auburn with a Lake" to face the #1 Tigers of Clemson.

The top ranked winner would get the option of the Sugar Bowl or Rose Bowl where they would meet the lowest ranked winner on January 1st at 8:00 pm. Leaving the mid ranked winners the remaining bowl to meet at 4:00 pm.

There you have it…it is a patch until we get 16 teams.

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