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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites is Flippin’ Awesome and Feelin’ Frisky

South Carolina v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

So, what’s shakin’, my peeps? Is there a big game this week or what? Are any of our rival’s recruits actually going to play for our rivals, or are they coming to the Classic City for some real good times? There’s a lot of stuff happening, so dig in!

In case you missed it, the playoff rankings didn’t change for the top 4 on Tuesday evening. We’re still number 1 (and Bama ain’t). Hell, I didn’t need any ranking to tell me that. WOOF!

I love this...

(WARNING: Sort of an opinion piece): Auburn is in a #10...and Mark Richt’s Miami Hurricanes jumped up to #7 as they await to host #3 Notre Dame. Living in south Florida and listening to local sports talk radio these days is a lot of fun. They love Mark Richt down here for good reason, and if Miami somehow manages to knock of favored Notre Dame, this place will be en fuego. (That’s Spanish for, “On Fuego.”) It’s obvious that a difficult coaching change absolutely benefited two programs. Yeah, as emotional (for me, anyway) as it was at the time, I have to say that the change was better than good for all involved. What if Richt’s prophecy that Georgia and Miami were on a collision course to meet for a National Championship happened...this year? Crazy, right? Well it’s November and It’s still in play.

Having stated what I did, let’s see how long it takes a jackleg “Johnny come lately I think I’ll sign up and make an asinine post” poser to say something completely derogatory in the comments section in 3...2...1... (My ban hammer needs some work, so tread lightly).

- opinion finis-

What our current staff is doing on the recruiting trail is nothing short of amazing and with all of the coaching changes that will undoubtedly occur, what is currently unfolding should be scary to some of our biggest rivals. Anyway, if our staff wants to dance with your prospects, they will.

A lot of pay$ite crystal balls are now suggesting that 5-Star offensive tackle prospect Cade Mays is leaning towards Georgia. As MaconDawg so eloquently surmised, it is far from a done deal, but nothing in recruiting surprises me anymore. IF this were to happen, the size and athleticism of our near-future offensive line might just be illegal. The guys that are red-shirting this year are going to be great, too.

It simply seems like everyday a new name or two has Georgia as its leader or close to the top. The shift in fortunes, recruting and on-field performance - regardless of what happens on Saturday - has my head spinning in a good way. And we ain’t losing Saturday.

As I was perusing some of the latest coaching moves and news, I stumbled across an older article I had bookmarked from a few years ago. Seems legit. I think we are seeing the rapid evolution of something very special. This article from last June by Tom Fornelli now seems prescient.

Yes, every SEC team tries to recruit in Georgia, as do some ACC teams, but most of the kids in the state are growing up with that G logo on their clothes. I honestly believe that if Georgia finds the right coach, this program could be a powerhouse.

I believe this is where we’re at...

Javon Wims has been ballin’. Nice write-up in the Athens Banner-Herald from a few days ago.

Roquan Smith is projected as a mid-first round draft pick. I can’t argue with that. DON’T GO ROQUAN! COLLEGE IS HEAVEN IT’S TOUGH OUT THERE! Ahem...c’mon Dave, composure, please...

This Auburn writer is playing up our secondary. I think they’re going to perform well on Saturday. I did not realize we had the nation’s #7 pass defense. They will be tested. #themoreyouknow.

Nick Chubb needs 13 more yards to surpass Bo Jackson for 4th place on the all-time SEC rushing list. I hope he does it on a 34 yard touchdown run. Go get ‘em, Nick.

DavetheDawg Industries, LLC

A lot of folks think Auburn is the wrench in the SEC’s dream scenario of a perfect SEC Championship game between Georgia and Bama. It suppose that is possible. However, there is a modicum of pressure on Gus Mahlzahn and Booger McFarland thinks Auburn could very well be looking for a new coach like about half the conference at year’s end. Paul Finebaum is already on the record about what he thinks about Gus.

Yeah, right...

I just want to go on the record that I hate Auburn.

Trooper Taylor. Still a dick.

Never forget.

No morning would be complete without a bit of Florida misery. Stuff like this makes me pretty sick, though. No fan base in America deserves each other like they do.

That’s all I got. Enjoy your “links” and eggs and have a great day, err’body!

As Always,