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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Thinks It’s Seen This Before

Tell me is that Deja Vu? ‘Cause you want me and I want you. Pat Dye falls on the floor, I swear we been here before.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans! It’s kinda like Monday in that your exuberance from Saturday’s win versus the Gamecocks is still a smidge tempered, yet not near enough to the weekend to start building anxiety about whoever’s next on the schedule. Who is next on the schedule? Auburn? Really? So soon? Huh. Okay, forget that. Feel free to build your anxiety as it suits you. On to some tidbits about the University of Georgia:

The UGA-Auburn rivalry dates back a few years, and like in many of those contests, there are post-season implications on the line for both teams. Considering the success of each program, you’d think we would face each other at the top of the rankings frequently. The Banner-Herald breaks down some of that history and gives good type.

The football team practices on Monday, and has a viewing period for the media. The Red and Black is always there and brings us these nuggets from what they saw.

Someone who has been practicing frequently, but absent from the gametime sideline is linebacker Natrez Patrick. He had a small run-in with Johnny Law, and though Coach Kirby Smart is still mum, The Telegraph garnered enough quotes that leads one to deduce when we next see Patrick roaming between the hedges and hash marks.

We all know that your Georgia Bulldogs are the SEC East Champion of 2017, and you’ve probably already contacted your broker about the penalties and taxes for early 401(k) distributions from which you will spend on tickets in Atlanta. But as SDS likes to remind us, our opponent Saturday has a big say in who we will face and what will happen to the SEC Champion.

In such a toss-up game against evenly matched heavyweights, the outcome is never certain. But you can almost bet your bottom dollar that one thing will happen, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy nor a better DGD.

There is an intense rivalry between Auburn and Georgia, and some of you Bulldog fans don’t care for Auburn. But the University of Auburn likes dogs. So much so, that they are asking everyone to bring dogs to campus. Somehow I don’t see a Tiglesman day at Foley Field anytime soon.

Our game Saturday will be broacast by CBS at 3:30 pm EST. Do you like that timeslot? Better get used to it, because we’ll do it all again against Kentucky.

Do you think Georgia can beat Alabama? Well, we can, and we did. And a big reason why is freshman T’ara Ceasar. She, along with teammate Meghan Donovan, contributed to a pair of sweeps for the Bulldogs and got some love from the conference.

That’s it for now, as if I type more, I will anger Mr. Sanchez and he might or might not take it out on some nuns. At least that’s what I heard. And as always...