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Evening Games Open Thread How ‘Bout Them SEC East Champion Dawgs?

South Carolina v Georgia
I Heart Sony Michel

Georgia faced a scrappy South Carolina team that came into our stadium with absolutely nothing to lose and were as gamy as one would expect in this series. Georgia never trailed, left some points on the board, imposed their offensive will and endured “Muschamp Football” (very similar to Tech. They like to grind clock).

So, as the sun finally set on this Saturday, all eyes turned northward to Lexington, to see if Ole Miss could knock off Kentucky and vault Georgia by W-L records into the SEC East Championship. And Ole Miss just ripped out Kentucky’s heart!


What a day. The B1G looks to be cooked as far as playoffs are concerned and this could open the door for a bunch of teams lurking in the bottom-half of the playoff top-10.

Enjoy this victory, Dawgs. We got a few things to shore up, but I have a feeling we will next week at Auburn. And enjoy your evening. This is your open thread.

Keep choppin’ wood...