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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

As the camel from the insurance commercials used to ask, "Guys! Guys! What day is it?!?"

You know. It’s three days until the SEC Championship Game day. Let’s get caught up.

The Montgomery Advertiser notes, correctly I think, that while everyone is focused on Kerryon Johnson it may be Jarrett Stidham whose performance decides Auburn’s fate.

As for the most watched shoulder in the Yellowhammer State, Johnson is still "day-to-day" and Gus Malzahn will only say that his star tailback/jump passer "will do what he can." I expect Johnson to suit up. I also expect that shoulder to get a workout from the Bulldog defense whether he has the ball or not.

An overlooked aspect of Johnson’s game is that he’s a very good pass protectir. If he’s not able to lower that shoulder and take on the rush, Auburn might have a problem in that area at least.

I tend to agree with DawgNation’s Cy Brown: don’t worry about the unproven tailbacks behind Johnson. Worry about the fact that if Georgia doesn’t play significantly better up front against that Auburn offensive line it won’t matter who totes it.

Meanwhile in the Bulldog backfield execution is the watch word. That’s really the case at every position on the field. Georgia hamstrung itself with costly penalties and mental errors in a roaring Jordan-Hare Stadium. Just not doing anything dumb is probably worth a ten point swing in this one. Get a fortuitous bounce of the ball here or there and we got a ball game. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!