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Georgia moves up, but remains in the same spot

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia moved from #7 to #6 in the final college football playoff rankings before the rankings that really matter. Yes, that’s still outside of the playoff. No, it still doesn’t matter.

The objective remains the same: go win the SEC championship. If Georgia prevails in Atlanta there’s every reason to expect that they’ll pass the vanquished Plainsmen, currently #2. And one expects they’ll also slide past idle #5 Alabama.

One interesting question: what happens if Miami knocks off #1 Clemson in the ACC tirle game and Georgia wins as well? Does Alabama slide past the Country Gentlemen?

To me the only thing better than Georgia making the playoff over Auburn might be Georgia and Alabama both making it with a loss to the Tigers. If one needed proof that a God exists and loves us, I think this would be indisputable evidence.

What about if Oklahoma falls to TCU in the Big XII game? Certainly the Horned Frogs aren’t jumping all the way from #11. But there will be howls of protest if an Alabama team that closed the regular season with a loss and whose signature win was over a middling Mississippi State team slides in.

Another live question? What if Ohio State takes out #4 Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship? Can the Buckeyes move all the way up to #4? In short, there are still a lot of moving parts to this thing.

Don’t worry about them. Worry about beating Auburn.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!