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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

The Thanksgiving break is over. Breaking up is hard to do...back to the grind.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ooof. It’s tough going back to work after such a glorious Thanksgiving holiday, but here we are. Let us check in on newsy notes pertaining to Dawggly things...

I know we are days away from the SECCG vs. Auburn (I hate Auburn), but I have to yesterday afternoon’s basketball victory over St. Mary’s was not only important in possible NCAA resume building, but it was a helluva game to watch. Up next, Marquette next Saturday afternoon. Five guys in double figures? More, please!

Perhaps the biggest question of the week regarding our rematch with Auburn is the health of Kerryon Johnson. Auburn’s achilles heel might just be their lack of depth at the running back position. Regardless of who is in Auburn’s backfield on Saturday, we’ve got to tackle better than we did a few weeks ago. Anyway, Gus is keeping it close to the vest. Kirby, on the other hand, has more important things to consider:

I’m a lot more worried about Nick Chubb and Sony Michel’s status for us, rather than the other. Because we can only control what we can control. - Kirby Smart

Pat Dye would rather not be playing Georgia. The part in this article about Mercedes-Benz Stadium turning into a home-field advantage is interesting. Perhaps there’s some truth there, too.

Could Auburn have some distractions because of coaching change speculation? South Alabama is interested in offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey. It’s that crazy time of the year, I suppose.

Are you still looking for a ticket for Saturday? Buyer beware!

Here’s a pretty good take on the SECCG from The Senator. I would add, “Will the referees actually call holding on Auburn’s happy-handed defensive backs?” Inquiring minds wanna know...

With Sunday’s coaching drama, and the accompanying rampant speculation of how the dominoes will fall across the college football landscape, some talented high-school kids have opened up their recruitment. Here’s one that could end up in Athens.

One more dig at Tech...

Okay, folks. Stay tuned to this Blog for more coaching drama and news from around the conference in a few hours. And pace yourself this week. It’s gonna be a long one until Saturday!

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Georgia=Classy. Tech=Not Classy. Always be classy.