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15 Thoughts: We Just Whipped Tech and it was öööö’in Awesome!

No, that headline is not a typo. Stings, don’t it?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech
I eat bees.

There’s a lot of stuff happening right now. We’ll get to the Tech game in a second, but first:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled schadenfreude...

I guess all that triple option preparation throughout the season paid dividends. Aaron Murray is absolutely correct: It’s a gimmicky high-school offense and I think his point is that the type of crap they run over on The Flats is like a lone yellow-jacket circling your head on a warm summer afternoon as you are trying to enjoy a cold beer and some grilled burgers. It’s annoying, could sting you on the rare occasion and the only way to truly deal with it is just kill it.

We Run This State.

1. I penned this “15 Thoughts” last year the day after we gave up a 4th quarter lead and lost to Tech at home. At the time, we had no idea that our senior leaders - Chubb, Michel, Carter, and Bellamy - would return. Don’cha know these guys came back in large part to open up a chilly can of whoop-ass on Tech? Mission accomplished, and we thank you. Nick Chubb slept like a baby last night. God Bless Nick Chubb.

2. I’m no intuit or psychic (nor an athlete but perhaps an athletic supporter), but what I wrote 364 days ago proved to be legit:

13. Of the eligible juniors (not named Chubb or Michel) on the roster, who stays and who goes? Right off the bat I think Davin Bellamy is certainly a candidate for early entry into the draft; perhaps Lorenzo Carter who is playing better and better and coming into his own. The nucleus of a super-bad defense is returning. These guys could really be part of the senior leadership that we so lacked this year because of the dearth of seniors. I hope they stay and become part of something that could be special.

You’ve gotta have seniors...and ones that are willing to lead. It has been a pleasure watching this team this season.

3. The game itself was the Roquan Smith show. Do we possibly have anyone in the wings who can fill his shoes next season? This guy is so intelligent in diagnosing where the ball will end up and was Tech’s worst nightmare all game long. I’ve heard everything from Smith being lined up as a defensive fullback to a robber to a spy. Smith gives credit to the scout team for prepping everyone. I don’t think there is a faster linebacker in the country than #3. You know, the #3 has been very, very good to us over the last several seasons...

Smith showed why he is in the running to win the Badnarik and Butkus awards. He had nine tackles, three tackles for loss and a sack. Smith ranged from sideline to sideline all afternoon and could not be contained by Tech’s blockers. - Gridiron Now

4. We interrupt this little-brother narrative to bring you some Gator angst (because it just means more). Maybe the Florida model of chewing up and spitting out coaches in 3 or 4 seasons is scaring some folks. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

4a. And now, it looks like Dan Mullen is the prodigal gator.

Is Gainesville an upgrade over Starkville? Askin’ for a friend...

5. I thought Jake Fromm, who was super-efficient once again (12/16, 224 yards, 2 TD’s) was a bit careless on his second pass on Georgia’s first scoring drive of the game that could’ve been picked in the end-zone, similar to his pick last week vs. Kentucky, and we got lucky. He’s locking in on his primary early in the game, but seems to go through progressions as the game...progresses. Having said that, was he good again? Hell yes, he was.

6. Perhaps my favorite play of the game. Sure, there were longer touchdowns, but this was pure art:

I heart Sony.

7. Sony’s touchdown run (above) was set up by a brilliant Mecole Hardman 39-yard reception while being tackled. Hardman had a solid day in the return game, too. He’s getting buttah’ and buttah’.

8. Fromm to Ahkil Crumpton. Wait, who what?!? A late season weapon. Me likely. A lot.

I think I will have a Coke and a smile...

Where have you been all my life, #16. Oh, and Tech hit Fromm late (high and low) and could have really injured our QB.

9. Trent Thompson got banged-up early, but returned and seemed to be okay. Getting out of that game with no significant injuries is a minor miracle, but it’s not for lack of Tech trying.

10. So, to conclude, we whipped ‘em. We ran for more yardage than they did (247 to 188), consistently held Tech to short gains on first down and forced them to get out of rhythm. We are bigger and faster on the edge and our half-time adjustments continue to improve. Tech couldn’t block us and we could have scored well into the 40’s had Kirby wanted to. I would’ve gone for 50+, but that’s just me not wanting to destroy anything like a hedge or turf, or even a knee, but their will.

In other “Thoughts”...

11. I watched most of Alabama-Auburn. Did CBS’ Gary Danielson just damage any chance for any future 1-on-1 interview/scoop/general insight from Kirby Smart when he revealed (because he’s a “journalist”) that Smart sent about 6 plays to the SEC for review in which Auburn was holding our receivers. I saw a lot of that yesterday, too. Home cookin’ in Jordan-Hare? You bet. If this game gets called equitably on Saturday, I like our chances better and better. Auburn held yesterday and they held two weeks ago. Here’s hoping we have a PAC-12 officiating crew in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

12. Kerryon Johnson may have a significant shoulder injury. I do not wish any injury to any kid and hope it is not going to keep him out of the game. I mean that. If he is limited or can’t go, how much will this affect Auburn’s gameplan? You can’t run a kid 30 times a game anymore facing the size and quickness of today’s defenses - especially in this Conference.

13. Mike Leach to the SEC? I don’t know how good of a coach Leach truly is (Wazzou got Waxed by Washington out West last night), but he’ll be the best sound-bite since Les Miles for sure. C’mon down, you mad pirate.

I guess you can cross Tennessee off this list...

14. Tennessee went 0-8 in the Conference for the first time in their history. I watched Vandy dismantle them in Neyland Stadium for a good part of the night and not once did I feel sorry for the Vols. That’s a full-blown reclamation project now, not unlike an old strip mine in Turduckenstan. And now we’re hearing that the Vols are about to hire...

...Greg Schiano? Really? Vol Nation is not happy right now. Hey, at least he’s not one for really cool metaphors. Apparently, Schiano is already being welcomed with open arms:

Good times on the Cumberland Plateau...

15. We’ve all got to go back to work tomorrow after a joyous 4-day weekend (for most). It’s going to be a long, long week, too. The 2017 revenge tour could have the ultimate night-cap on Saturday. I sure like our chances. Hunker Down, you guys.

That’s all I’ve got.

To Hell With Tech - and I don’t care for Auburn.

As Always,



  • I really thought D’Andre Walker from his OLB position played a helluva game yesterday, too. Turn him loose next week.
  • 365 days. Bragging it should be.