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First Quarter Open Thread: BYOI

Bring your own insecticide.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech
It’s good to be home again.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’re moments away from the Georgia Bulldogs kicking off the 92nd rendition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate against little brother.

This is actually fairly straight-forward. Properly executed the triple option is essentially impossible to stop entirely. But it is manageable. If you can get penetration, cover assignments, and tackle well you can contain it. With a few mistakes by the optioners, you the optionee can actually shut it down entirely.

But if it gets rolling downhill the option is hard to stop and gets harder as the game progresses. Georgia must avoid the self-inflicted wounds we saw against Auburn, tackle well, and take advantage of Yellow Jacket errors, and if they do so things are likely to go smoothly.

It would also help to score early and often. We’ve said it a hundred times: this Tech team isn’t built to play from behind.

And most importantly, Kirby Smart’s team must keep its foot on the gas. When Georgia has lost to Tech in the past decade it has done so by coming from ahead in frustrating fashion.

No. Just no. Beat them. Beat them some more. Burn the option playbook, shoot the ashes into space, then blow the re-entry capsule out of the sky on the way down. Let’s restore the natural order of things.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!