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Window of opportunity for four star cornerback?

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Four star Miami cornerback Nadab Joseph committed to LSU in June 2016 within days of receiving an offer from former coach Les Miles. When the Bayou Bengals went in a different direction, so did Joseph, listening to pitches from the likes of Alabama, Florida State, and Georgia.

The 6’1, 180 pound standout was slated to announce a new pledge on Monday with the prevailing wisdom (and 100% of 247Sports crystal ball predictions) pegging him to pick the Crimson Tide.

But then....

What happened in the interim? A visit to Georgia for the Kentucky game, for one. The Bulldogs have been a part of Jospeh’s commitment at least since February when he made an unofficial visit to Athens.

I think it’s still likely that Joseph either ultimately chooses the Tide or maybe slips back into the LSU fold. But his decision to postpone his commitment right after being in Athens seems awfully coincidental. Add in Kirby Smart’s recent (and Georgia’s historic) success in South Florida, and it’s easy to think UGA just might have a shot here.

After signing a bumper crop of defensive vacks in 2017 Georgia really doesn’t have a lot of room in the defensive backfield. But a commitment from a rangy, ball-hawking corner ranked among the top 247 prospects in America would be a welcome addition.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!