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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: The “Score on Every Offensive Possession” Edition

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, you dawggly Dawgs. You wanna know how you beat Georgia Tech? Score points as if your hair is on fire. Hold onto the ball. Establish the run. I mean, every offensive possession needs to yield points. Is that realistic? Probably not, but I think if our guys block their guys and we aren’t afraid to throw a bit more than normal early to really open up the run game, it could be. And chop cut the hell out of ‘em. It’s all legal.

And this is important: Don’t turn the ball over. Why did we lose last year? Turnovers, late. Why did we lose two years before that in Sanford? Nick and Sony had turnovers just as we were about to score points. You can’t leave points on the table in this game. Score early, build a lead, get Tech out of their comfort zone on offense = recipe for victory.

Speaking of Tech, Paul Johnson had some nice things to say about Jake Fromm. He call us a “complete team.” I hope we completely whip their ass.

You think Kirby wants this one? They’ve been preparing all season for their showdown all season long.

One good thing about this game being over at noon: Georgia can’t be scoreboard watching concerning the going’s-on over in Auburn. Focus, fellas. Get the “W,” and then watch all the foosball you want later in the evening.

This morning, Georgia is still holding onto the #7 ranking in the playoff picture. No shock there. A little 2-game winning streak would be good. A 4-game winning streak would be better...

In other news, quite a few Auburn fans bought counterfeit tickets a few weeks ago when we played the Tigers. Dawg Sports has learned that a number of counterfeit tickets actually had a photoshop of Brendan Cox picking off a Tra Battle pass on the cover. Seems legit.

I failed to pen a “15 Thoughts” after the Kentucky game. I actually made the trek “home” to visit my parents and, well, after a full-day of partying on Saturday, I was not prepared to write on Sunday (my “tolerance” aint’ what it used to be). Then, Monday was a travel day and I left my cell phone at my folks house...Tuesday was back to work...and, well, I’m just slack. But I do have some observations:

  • I could only shake my head at some of the musical selections that were played - at great length - during the game. Nothing against Journey and Bon Jovi, but that’s sooo 80’s. If our musical director is going to go that retro, why not throw in a little Bach. That’ll fire up the crowd (and players).
  • I sat in the club level for the first time in my life. I thought they’re supposed to bring you beer during the game.
  • I got a bit misty when Nick scored in the 4th quarter. I bet you did, too.
  • I had several Creature Comforts atop the Georgia theater. Life is good. I have no recollection of actually walking to my seat inside Sanford...
  • Is our defense tired? I hope not. Yeah, we won comfortably, but it was a bit uncomfortable for a while and our guys just seemed to be flat. Time to pump it up.
  • Having said what I said about the defense, I’m so proud of this team. All of it. Look around most of the SEC landscape and just marvel at how far we’ve come in a short amount of time, and where a bunch of other programs are at the moment. For us, the future is incredibly bright. We are in a great spot, folks.
  • I miss Athens, The OC, and my old haunts. I miss the seasons. I miss just walking around campus hours before kickoff. I miss it all. Who knew Watkinsville would one day become a culinary destination. We’ve come along way since the Dairy Queen at Butler’s Crossing (for those of you who know...).

That’s all I’ve got. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...and as always...