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Monday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve got a whole lot of clean, old-fashioned hatin’ to do. The last thing I want to do is stand in the way of that. So let’s get right to the news of the day in Bulldog Nation.

As you’re already aware, Florida is in the market for a new head football coach. Multiple reports Sunday night had former Oregon/Philadelphia Eagles/San Fransisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly as all but signed to take the job.

Assuming that’s true, I’m pretty pleased. Kelly will turn 54 this week. He hasn’t coached in the college ranks in five years. The last team he coached finished 2-14, including a titanic 13 game losing streak. He’s known for being mercurial and responding poorly to what he percieves as unfair criticism. And he’s still subject to a show cause order from the NCAA due to shenanigans from his Oregon days. That’s exactly what you want in a coach at Florida.

This sounds like the kind of hire that excites the fanbase, and probably makes some waves in recruiting. But there are a lot of red flags, too. I’d also add that Kelly would need to hire a legit defensive coordinator who doesn’t mind Chip’s offense putting his unit out on the field for long stretches and in bad situations. Again, I’m in for this hire if PAC-12 guy Kelly doesn’t take the UCLA job instead.

What would really be great however would be for Georgia to sign Emmitt Smith’s son. That would be some Conan the Barbarian-level enemy humiliation and I am 100% in for it.

Let’s hear it for the underappreciated Aaron Davis, who finished his Sanford Stadium career on a high note. You gotta love seeing a guy like that succeed.

Georgia’s still looking for replacements for Davis and other graduating defensive backs, and one 4 star Miami cornerback appears to have had a good time in Athens over the weekend.

What else would qualify as a good time? Knocking Tech out of bowl contention. Apparently if we can just run the ball like Duke we’ve got a shot. Yes, that Duke. The one Paul Johnson said gave his team a "pretty thorough butt-kicking." I just hope we beat at least two chins off the guy. Is that too much to ask? Until later......

Go ‘Dawgs!!!