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Saturday Night Post Game Thread

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia
Dawgs On Top
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Day is done and the Dawgs are On Top!

Welcome to the Saturday Night Post Game Discussion Thread. MaconDawg will be along later this evening with your post-game wrap up, and we’ll update the Victory Post tomorrow. In case you missed it, Georgia’s Nick Chubb got his 3rd 1,000 yard year tonight and the Bulldogs swept the entire SEC East for the first time in eleventy billion years.

In the mean time, RedCrake gave you a schedule for the weekend a few days ago, so pick your favorites and join in the discussion.

Please keep things reasonably pleasant, be nice to one another and enjoy a Saturday night after a Bulldog Win!

Until later,

GO DAWGS BEAT TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!