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Third Quarter Open Comment Thread

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia
Chubb’s 40th Career TD!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of 30 minutes of football on Senior Day, the Georgia Bulldogs are up 21-6 over the Kentucky Wildcats. It might have felt a little sleepy in the first quarter, but the Dawgs seemed to be rollin’ ballin’ and on fire for the second. The roughing the kicker penalty on Kentucky after they slammed Cameron Nizialek might have been the moment things shifted. Cam went out for a bit but he came back before the end of the half looking no worse for wear.

In total yards, we’re actually reasonably balanced half and half. In attempts its 12 passes to 20 rushes. I think at the end of the 1st quarter it was about 13 passes, 2/3rds rushes.

Here are your first half stats are courtesy of

Nick Chubb scored his 40th touchdown in the first half. CBS says Todd Gurley had 44. Let the Big Dawg eat for 5 more before the season’s end.

Late in the 2nd quarter Jake Fromm threw some Play Action & other Passes with great success. The refs said the 2nd in a row to Javon Wims was incomplete, but even CBS said they got it wrong.

Coming back in the 2nd half, it’s Kentucky’s ball.

Let’s GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!