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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: The “Get of my Friggin’ Lawn” Edition

Southern v Georgia
A lot of Seniors will be playing their last home game on Saturday. None better than these guys.

Good morning, everyone. Be warned: I woke up on the wrong side of The Rack this morning and am a bit grumpy, and perhaps a tad anti-social. I need some hair of the dog and I’m not even hung over.

Piss off your boss and TURN IT UP.

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like someone put sugar in my gas tank; saw dust in my transmission or maybe even gave a venti decaf instead of real java and I’m compelled to drink the whole thing because I just spent $6. Then I see stuff like this and a long work week seems longer...

Et tu, Timmy B? Jeez, we’ve already had to endure this crap and now the trio of 2-loss Ohio State, Notre Dame and USC gets ranked ahead of us? I reckon Tim has suddenly turned into a 1950’s era, northern-bias sport writer or something. You are a polliwog! And are banned from ever drinkin’ sweet tea again! Now, go put your Big Ten shirt back on, denounce your southern heritage and skedaddle. Blasphemer!

Kicking us when we’re down? Have fun while you can.

One last look at our offensive line performance:

Okay, folks. I’ve vented and feel a bit better. Time to move on to Kentucky, but first...

Kris Willis has a nice wrap-up of Georgia’s hoops victory last night. It seems we struggled a bit, but Yante Maten is the man.

Are you worried about our Saturday opponent? Kentucky’s Benny Snell is UK’s career rushing leader and has been on quite the 3-game roll. We need to break that streak on Saturday. He is a very good back.

The new playoff ranking is in. Georgia certainly is not in an insurmountable spot. This will change. I think the #1 and #2 teams are vulnerable.

At least these guys feel Georgia is undervalued at the moment. It’s really simple: Just go on about a 5 game winning streak and everything will take care of itself. Like I said, simple...

Booger McFarland, defender of the Dawgs:

I tend to agree.

That’s all I got. You guys have yourselves a grumpy morning.

As Always,