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Monday Morning ‘Dawg Bites. Hey look! The sun came up!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the first day of the rest of your college football season. Let’s get it started.

You’re definitely having a better week than Butch Jones, who will leave Tennessee with a losing streak to every SEC team.

Jones’s loss could be Kirby Smart’s gain, as four star athlete Alontae Taylor decommitted from the Vols and named Georgia one of his five new finalists already.

In related news, former Vol commit Cade Mays just received a crystal ball prediction to UGA from 247Sports’ Rusty Mansell. Rusty has an excellent track record regarding UGA prospects, so this is pretty darned encouraging. As we saw Saturday, Georgia still needs all the top flight big uglies it can get.

Want to know why Roquan Smith will likely be one of this team’s permanemt captains? Here’s your answer. As Bear Bryant used to say "If it goes great, you did it. If it goes okay, we did it together. If it goes badly, I did it. That’s all it takes for people to put it on the line for you." Give me 22 Roquans and I’ll win the SEC, cure athlete’s foot, and conquer Lichtenstein by lunch.

Offensively, Mecole Hardman is right. Jake Fromm did not get a lot of help from his friends in this one. Except Javon Wims. Juice remains as clutch as any Bulldog receiver in recent memory, and is going to be a tough guy to replace in 2018.

For now, Georgia falls to #7 in the AP Poll. I have to be honest though. If you’d told me in August that Georgia would be 9-1 with the SEC East in the bag and Florida beaten senseless at this point, I would have asked where to sign up and whether you wanted my right arm or my left leg.

Now go, you’ve got wood to chop.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!