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Third quarter open thread.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia has played its dumbest football of the year and Auburn has made them pay for it at every turn. You can't give up 15 yard personal foul penalties, especially dumb penalties*, and Georgia has gotten a boatload of them, a case of the stupid at the worst possible time.

Gary Danielson made the point that sometimes you can get a little too "up" for a football game and Georgia most definitely falls into that category right now. It looked like the Bulldogs would escape without having to pay a dear penalty for that, until D’Andre Walker committed a 100% pointless, preventable penalty, and Auburn turned it into seven points. Georgia is now giving a surging Plainsman offense the ball coming out of the locker room with the chance to go up by two touchdowns in front of an energized home crowd. This, as they say, is gut check time.

Kirby Smart has some serious work to do to refocus his team here. Perhaps these Dawgs were not quite as ready for the spotlight as we thought. Or perhaps this will be a program-defining half of football. Either way we’ll know shortly.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

*Kirby Smart’s words as he left the field, not mine. But I would have said the same thing.