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First Quarter Open Thread: Time to Silence the Doubts

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always the trendy thing for commentators to declare that at least one top ten team is on upset alert. This week, among a gaggle of top ten matchups, it’s been particularly trendy to pick Georgia to go down to Auburn.

It’s not tjat surprising. Auburn has been winning big. They’re playing at home. They’re as healthy as they’ve been in November in some time. This will be the biggest test Georgia has faced all season, and the biggest they’ll face before the SEC Championship Game. In short, there’s every reason to believe Auburn can pull the upset in this one.

But answer me one question: is there another coaching staff in the country youd rather have getting the Georgia Bulldogs ready for this one? Kirby Smart and his staff have coached a lot of football amongst them, much of it for Nick Saban at Alabama. If there’s anyone I trust to know how to get his team mentally right for this one, it’s Kirby Smart.

This game won’t be won in the first quarter, but it could be lost in it. If either team takes a commanding early lead, the tenor of this one will change quickly. Also, call me crazy, but if Jim Chaney were ever going to throw a halfback pass on the opening drive, this would be the game.

Let’s tee it up.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!