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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites: We’re #1? We’re # 1.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hump day is here, and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or hit the hay really early, you probably know that your Georgia Bulldogs are ranked #1 in the first college football playoff rankings. I honestly can’t find a lot to quibble with in the rankings, and even if I could, it’s a couple of weeks too early to bother.

I would say that if Georgia and Alabama both get to the SEC Championship Game undefeated and one loses in a fashion similar to the 2012 matchup, it will be interesting to see how the committee handles it. I think the answer will show us whether this playoff is a true playoff, designed to pit the four best teams in the country against each other, or a made-for-television spectacle designed to create novel matchups. Spoiler: it’s the latter.

The Red & Black looks at how the teams initially ranked in the top four have fared on selection day. The bad news? A majority of the teams in the top four have not made it into the playoff. The good news? The team ranked #1 in the initial rankings has made the championship game in each of the past two seasons.

The other bad news? That team lost both times. The other good news? The 2014 title game loser (Alabama) won in 2015, and the 2015 loser (Clemson) won in 2016. So, extrapolating, Georgia should be the favorite to win the title in 2018. So that’s nice.

Let me introduce Will Muschamp, angry oral hygiene advocate.

2019 Grayson linebacker Owen Pappoe is zeroing in on a decision, having just named a top three of Clemson, Georgia, and Nebraska. Georgia has been trending for Pappoe, who will be in Athens this weekend, for some time now.

I think Pappoe’s comments in that article are telling. Everyone knows Clemson has a great football team. But his specific praise of Georgia coaches demonstrating their recruiting pitch on the field indicates that the Bulldogs have answered a question that Pappoe and other recruits had over the past few months: can Kirby Smart build what he told us he will? The answer is clearly yes, and my money’s on the ‘Dawgs in this fight.

If you didn’t spend your Halloween dressed as a chicken on horseback can you even really say you Halloween’d?

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!