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15 Thoughts Thinks the Wind at the Top is Just Fine

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt
Sony Michel wears #1 because he is #1.

In past seasons, the type of game like the one we just played up in Nashville against Vandy would have been cause for concern. There has been a paradigm shift. Things are different.

Oh, and 423 yards rushing on anyone is scary good. It could have been more.

1. One of the things that worried me about yesterday was the potential distraction of having a key member of the defense get suspended because he, frankly, was selfish. When it was announced that Natrez Patrick got pinched for misdemeanor possession of doobage, who among you didn’t feel like this might cause problems? It didn’t. Things are different. Next man up...

2. When Nick Chubb and Sony Michel announced they were returning for one more crack at glory at a school they obviously love, it already solidified their standing as two of the best damn Dawgs to ever play for the Red and Black. Now these guys are beginning to hit their stride as the offensive line does the same. I don’t know what our ultimate win-loss record will be when the 2017 season draws to a close, but if it were within my power, I’d erect some sort of monument to Nick and Sony. I love these guys.

3. And they ran hard yesterday, didn’t they? Here’s the radio call on Sony’s 50-yard scamper.

3a. ...and Nick Chubb continues to just get better and better, and he is the SEC’s leading rusher. As it should be. Welcome to the 4000+ rushing club, Nick. Herschel is the only other member. We need more members...

4. I thought Elijah Holyfield may have separated himself a little bit from Brian Herrien yesterday. This is absolutely not a slight on Brian, but damn! we’ve got some great options at tailback and Holyfield can ball.

5. Deandre Swift is a long touchdown just waiting to happen. It’s gonna happen...

6. That little war of words between Derek Mason and Kirby Smart prior to the game regarding who we might or might not start was, in a word, curious. After Georgia gave up a long Vandy drive by relaxing defensively just prior to halftime, Mason said something to the effect that Vandy was built for Georgia’s offense. I don’t know if that quip made it back to the Georgia locker room at halftime, but Kirby said something to those boys during the intermission to light a fire. The 2nd half defense was much more focused than the first half effort. I love these kind of adjustments. Anyway, to Mason’s point: Vandy just got road-graded by Georgia’s offense. Derek Mason is channeling James Franklin.

7. MaconDawg has already provided the breakdown on Georgia’s offensive philosophy. I love this. There is nothing better than running the ball down someone’s throat when they know it’s coming and there isn’t one thing they can do about it. We’ve still got to fix some things in pass protection, but running the ball straight up the middle time and time again with great results is just dominant football.

8. Terry Godwin is money on the long ball. Jake Fromm may not have the strongest arm (it’s strong enough, IMO) in the world, but neither does Tom Brady. He can drop it in a pickle barrel when he needs to. I’m beginning to wonder if Mecole Hardman is getting the yips. Don’t give up on the kid as a receiver just yet, but he’s got to turn some things around if he wants more reps. Javon Wims is steady as ever and it was good to finally see Ahkil Crumpton get some time. I hope we can work him in more during the 2nd half of the season.* We didn’t need to throw the ball, but once again when we did it was effective.

*I can’t believe the season is already half over.

9. I was fine with the defense, although getting pressure on Kyle Shurmur was frustrating, particularly early on. We played a lot of zone defense and didn’t rush as many as we might under different circumstances. Vandy didn’t abandon the run until they had to, and early on had opportunities. The defense has allowed our offense to “catch up” most of the year. The tables were turned a bit yesterday. Both units are supporting each other.

10. Juwan Taylor and Monte Rice stepped in for the aforementioned Natrez Patrick. These dudes are fast... Their opportunity knocked and they answered the door. Good stuff.

11. Did I mentioned I am not worried about our kicking game? Hot Rod Blankenship did a great job kicking into the wind for much of the day. The wind and pre-game rain made for some challenging conditions, but overall the kicking game was solid if unspectacular.

12. I just can’t get over how well the offensive line played and how these guys - undersized as they are - continue to improve and get better as the game progresses. Lamont Gaillard is flat ballin’. He’s a junior. Sam Pittman is worth his weight in butter. Four-hundred twenty-three yards rushing the ball. I’ve got two words: Da-Yum.

13. I just LOVE this wrinkle:

This is gonna pay off big a time or two later on this season, methinks...

14. Of course, when you are not quite aware of the first down marker and run out of bounds just short of a first down, all that QBR and “most touchdowns by a freshman QB” (7/11, 102 yards for a 9.3 average, 2 touchdowns, 0 INTS and an 87.5 QBR) still won’t get you a pass from your coach who is, ahem, detail oriented:

I love this. Kirby looks demented. It’s actually a good look...

15. So, now we are atop the SEC East, where the breeze is just dandy and the forecast may or may not call for high winds later on. We finally return home vs. Mizzou next week. Missouri is not a good team. They can’t play defense and are a one-dimensional “pass always, ask questions later” offense. This will still be a pretty good test for our defense to see if we can get some pressure on Drew Lock who threw for 355 yards against Kentucky in Lexington on Saturday night. They have very good receivers, but I have a feeling some of the issues we had against Vandy by not getting to their QB will get fixed soon.


Yesterday’s slate of afternoon games were thoroughly entertaining.

Watching LSU beat Florida at home was pretty fantastic. Now, the pitchfork are coming out in Gainesville.

Here’s a video of Gator fans fighting each other. Just because.

Auburn might be pretty good. Ole Miss is not.

I am very happy for Mark Richt, and Mrs. DavetheDawg (UM, ‘92) was thrilled with the outcome of the game as the Hurricanes beat Florida State (are they having a bad week, or what?) on a late touchdown. It was in 2007 when Georgia beat Vandy in Nashville and Coach Richt had an issue with some Dawgs celebrating a bit too much at mid-field. Over a decade years later, a very similar occurrence:

Those big guys sure scattered, didn’t they?

I enjoyed watch Sparty knock off Michigan in the Big House last night as the rain fell. Not because I don’t like Michigan. I don’t like Jim Harbaugh. He’s a dick.

Tommy Tuberville makes me pine for Bob Davie, Andre Ware, Beth Mowins, Ed Cunningham (who hates UGA), Mr. Ed, Ed Begley, Jr., Con Ed, anyone named Ed. He’s so bad, he’s funny.

That’s all I got. As Always...