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Second Half Open Comment Thread

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Looks a little cloudy and sometimes rainy in Nashville today. We’ve had some bumps here and there, on both sides of the ball but Georgia’s winning the scoreboard. With Thompson (sprained MCL) and Patrick (suspended) both out, I’m not surprised to see a little bit of turbulence if you will.

Our defense is threatening to force turnovers in the first half, but haven’t quite gotten there.

Our second touchdown is certainly one that could be argued but video evidence was insufficient to overturn the call on the field. Fortunately, Vanderbilt’s defense has had a hard time defending against our Running Back Attack.

Here’s your 1st half stats:

1st Half Stats from
Screen Shot from

Time for a little coaching in the locker room (I’m looking at you Mr. Parrish.) Refill your drinks & snacks and let’s put this game away in the 3rd.