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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites, Huevos Rancheros Version

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NCAA Football: Samford at Georgia

Wake up, everybody! It’s your Wednesday morning dose of Dawg Bites.

G’morning, y’all. Hope you got a nice refreshing night’s sleep. Yours truly is not sleeping worth a flip these days. I go through these bouts of insomnia from time-to-time which is often associated with diet. You know, spicy food. But lately, I’m waking up in the middle of the night and contemplating the current iteration of our football team. This makes me excited. Excitement gets the mind working. That isn’t good for sleep. What to do? Watch Nick Chubb highlights:

That’ll get you ready for your work day.

Derek Mason thinks Kirby is being a bit dramatic regarding the quarterback situation and claims he knows who’s starting (he probably does, FWIW...).

He’s not fooling me. Let’s quit with the coaching dramatics. - Vandy Head Coach, Derek Mason.

Kirby Smart takes a bit of an issue with it, but it ain’t no big deal.

Evidently, when Jim Chaney isn’t happy, he cusses. Yesterday at practice, he was none too happy. I’d rather have coaches angry on a Tuesday than on a Saturday. Get after, ‘em, Jim.

The Red ‘n Black has a nice practice round-up as well.

Vanderbilt’s QB Kyle Shurmur’s numbers are increasing, but this appears to be in direct correlation to the Commodore’s inability to run the football over the last 2 weeks. This makes them one-dimensional.

Here’s another video perspective on Georgia’s hot start. Words like “avenge” and “revenge” make me nervous. Just take care of business on Saturday and focus on winning.

Here’s an excellent take by CBS Sport’s Barton Simmons on what he perceives as why Georgia is just different this season. I agree.

Sadly, it appears that the career of Georgia’s Rashad Roundtree could be over.

All that hot start talk and recent success won’t mean a hill of beans if we spit the bit on Saturday. Vanderbilt almost always plays us very tough in their stadium. Georgia aims to stay focused and remember the mantra, “humility is a week away.”

For me, humility is every time I look in the mirror. I need to join a gym.

That’s all I got. As Always,