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College Football Playoff Rankings: Predictions and how to watch the announcement.

NCAA Football: CFP National Champions-Clemson Celebration
One Dabo to rule them all.
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The college football playoff committee will release its first rankings of the season tonight at 7:00 pm eastern on ESPN. Obviously these rankings mean very, very little. In previous years the committee has not been shy about moving teams into and out of the "fab four" from week to week. TCU was ranked #3, won its game, and dropped to #6 in 2015. I repeat, there’s nothing sacred about these rankings.

If you’re Kirby Smart and Georgia the objective is pretty simple: just keep winning. An undefeated UGA that just beat Alabama (or any other challenger) in the SEC title game is not getting left out of the final rankings in December.

A Georgia team that loses prior to the SEC title game would need an earth-shaking performance in Atlanta to redeem itself. One which loses a game on the way to the SEC East title then falls in Atlanta will get a New Year’s Bowl but no playoff berth. I can’t guarantee that, but I’d bet the milk money on it.

There’s a compelling argument to be made that Georgia will hold the top spot when the rankings are released in a couple of hours. The Bulldogs have arguably the best win of the major contenders (on the road at Notre Dame) and are coming off a convincing nationally televised thumping of their biggest rival.

Aabama has likewise shellacked opponents this season but doesn’t really have a signature win over a top flight opponent. A victory over LSU might well vault the Tide into the top spot next week as it would check that box. I’m not convinced the Tide won’t be #1 because Tide.

Wisconsin remains undefeated, but their seemingly weak schedule could bother committee members as we anticipated it would in the preseason (pay no attention to that FSU playoff pick. I am a sick man).

Notre Dame has the best resume among one-loss teams, though Ohio State can also make an argument with a loss to Oklahoma early but a big win last weekend over previously unbeaten Penn State.

Defending champion Clemson has looked great other than that whole losing to Syracuse business. And Scott Frost’s Central Florida team remains undefeated and will have to be dealt with.

All in all these rankings will stir more controversy than consensus, which of course is the whole point. So let’s not get too invested in them. Just beat the Gamecocks like we would if they were a rival.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!